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Jacob Douglas Fisco

Hello! My name is Jacob Douglas Fisco. Welcome to my site!


I am a chronic penis pumping porn addict who uses stims to enhance risky sexual behavior and activity online and most importantly to further addict myself to porn and masturbation. my goal is to become so exposed it begins to affect and reveal itself on a daily basis in my real life and have consequences. eventually, I would like to be so humiliated that the only thing left worth anything in my life is masturbating my penis and porn. I have been exposing myself online for years and ask that anyone who sees this page contact and harass me with blackmail. Everything I post and all contact info and personal info is public domain and I ask that it be spread and used in any way anyone wants too and sees fit to do so.

我为能成为 TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed的一部分而感到非常自豪!